Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sickness and Pestilence attack the family

Well, we have had just the best of luck in the last few weeks as far as health goes. A week or so ago, Bridget started getting pink eye. We took her to the doctor (at the Micron health center) and got her a prescription. Then the next day Caleb went into the school nurse saying his throat hurt. He did this for two days and we finally took him in to the doctor. Well, turns out he had strep throat! Woo hoo! How fun for us.

Of course, Bridget is always up in Phoebe's face playing with her - so sure enough, a couple of days later Phoebe wakes up with goopy (sp) eyes. Wonderful. She started off with one eye, and eventually progressed to 2. Bridget only ever had it in one eye. Well, Phoebe ended up spreading it to me (Mark) and that was a couple of days ago. Well yesterday, I noticed that my right eye apparently knoweth what my left eye doeth, and it wanted to doeth it too! So now I have it in both eyes.

Caleb and Bridget have since been healed, and Phoebe is about better. Well, of course Annette's throat started hurting this morning, so she went in and found out now she has strep. So Annette has strep, Mark has 2 pink eyes (I do look good in pink) and the kids are about all healed (we hope!).

Anyway, might as well get the sickness out of the way before our Micron mandated winter vacation next week. I'll post another post about that...

Wish us luck and try not to banish us into exile because of our bodies!


goldmania said...

Ok, we are so happy that ya'll finally started a blog. We just need to get Afton in and we can all keep in touch. Hope you get feeling better soon.

Gayle said...

Hope you're all feeling better soon! I'm glad I found your blog -- I'm going to add it to the list on The Gold Nugget blog if that's okay. :-)