Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sickness and Pestilence attack the family

Well, we have had just the best of luck in the last few weeks as far as health goes. A week or so ago, Bridget started getting pink eye. We took her to the doctor (at the Micron health center) and got her a prescription. Then the next day Caleb went into the school nurse saying his throat hurt. He did this for two days and we finally took him in to the doctor. Well, turns out he had strep throat! Woo hoo! How fun for us.

Of course, Bridget is always up in Phoebe's face playing with her - so sure enough, a couple of days later Phoebe wakes up with goopy (sp) eyes. Wonderful. She started off with one eye, and eventually progressed to 2. Bridget only ever had it in one eye. Well, Phoebe ended up spreading it to me (Mark) and that was a couple of days ago. Well yesterday, I noticed that my right eye apparently knoweth what my left eye doeth, and it wanted to doeth it too! So now I have it in both eyes.

Caleb and Bridget have since been healed, and Phoebe is about better. Well, of course Annette's throat started hurting this morning, so she went in and found out now she has strep. So Annette has strep, Mark has 2 pink eyes (I do look good in pink) and the kids are about all healed (we hope!).

Anyway, might as well get the sickness out of the way before our Micron mandated winter vacation next week. I'll post another post about that...

Wish us luck and try not to banish us into exile because of our bodies!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Getting Ready for Christmas

Well we have been battling pink eye and strep throat lately at our house, so we have been living a little isolated lately. Mark has been busy putting up Christmas decorations outside. After a couple of days work, I think he finally has them done. We'll have to get a picture of them. We put the Christmas Tree up after Thanksgiving. This year I looked around for an artificial one, since Mark said he was tired of trying to keep it watered, and constantly cleaning up the mess it made. So I finally found one that I liked. It looked pretty good once it was decorated and "fluffed." The kids have been busy "counting" down to Christmas. According to them it's taking "forever and will never come." Everyday we have a discussion as to whether they are on the naughty or nice list.

December 4th was the Children's Christmas Party at Mark's work. At the party they have lots of Arcade style games with prizes, bounce house style games, and of course Santa. They had a lot of fun and now I have a box of "prizes" to last a while. The visit with Santa was the highlight of the evening, except Brooke is too shy to ever talk to him. All day she was telling me that this year she wasn't going to be scared of him. As we go to visit with Santa, Brooke just can't do it. Phillip asked for Spy Gear, Caleb asks for Pixos, and I still don't know what Bridget said. Then just as we are about to leave Santa, Brooke says ever so softly "I want a singing Barbie for Christmas." Luckily Santa heard her and gave her a smile. As we are leaving, Brooke says to me "Mom I did it, I told Santa want I wanted for Christmas." She had a huge grin on her face.